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The Game of Gladiatorial Combat

The Arena currently runs every weekend
Submit your orders by Friday at 9:00PM to ensure your teams will fight 
Turn results are usually posted by 9:00AM Sunday morning (unless noted otherwise)
All times are GMT-7

Announcements from The Keeper:

December 16, 2017
Turn 918 Delayed 
Turn 918 has been delayed and will run at approximately 11:00PM MST on December 17.   Due to a storage quota issue on the server, the upload database was damaged and had to be rolled back several days.  If you uploaded orders for turn 918 after December 14th at approximately 1:00AM MST, you will need to re-enter and re-upload your changes.  I am delaying the turn run 24 hours to give managers time to verify strategies and enter replacement warriors for last turns deaths.  As a reminder, teams with dead warriors will not run in a normal turn even if the "Run this Turn" indicator is set in the client.

January 1, 2017
Trouble with turn 868? 
Are you having trouble with seeing incorrect turn results in BP Client for turn 868? See the note in the corrected newsletter here